Travelling Agency

Learn More About Work In The U.K


👉 Agency will give you all the support 24/7 until you get everything done

👉 All your training and certificate will be conducted by our partners in UK. You will be trained for one month and obtain BARM 3 certificate which is the highest care job certificate.

👉 If you are looking for true legit way to move with your family to UK this is the opportunity

Accomodation and Qualifications

👉 Accommodation available (at a cost) after successfully securing the job and visa

👉 Qualifications – Degree or OND

👉 No age restrictions but have to be physically and mentally fit

👉 Persons without Degree or OND are also acceptable provided you are skillful, very sound, smart ability to communicate efficiently and fluently and also in the currently in the Labour force & IELTS certificate


✅ Free education if your children are under 18 years of age

✅. Training and certificate for the job

✅ Earn a minimum of £70,000 a year

✅. Agency fee

✅ 5 years work permit

✅ No particular age restriction

Payment plan – 70% down payment before the training then balance payment before the interview

NOTE: Interview is only once


If the above interest you, kindly book appointment with us for one on one consultation by click the link below